Thursday, 29 May 2014

Science Post

My class is Leaning about temperature. one bowl is hot, one is room temperature, and the other one is really cold. we had to pot one hand in the hot bowl, the other one in the cold bowl. when the teacher says you cane pot your hands in the room temperature one. then you say your feelings. my feelings was... when I pot my hand in the hot bowl I felt like my hand was burning. my other hand felt like I was in a snowstorm.It was not just cold it was REALLY COLD. we had to get in three groups. in my group was Sam'm me and Hannah'G. I hope you like my science post. good bye.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Plurals poster


The three steps are to get  42 then get 6 and pot that 6 in a Line
And keep doing that into your counters are gone.then you have
the answer.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Holiday P.M.I

I zoomed to Hannah's birthday. It was at the Lido. If we wanted to 
go on the hydro slide. We had to have a blue band.we got to eat chocolate cake with chocolate icing and marshmallows
I scattered to the movie's to watch the Lego movie
I watched my mum play netball I think they last by one point down.

My big brother had two friends came over for a play date.
My Little brother called Cody puked in my bed.
I had to eat punkin soup

I went to Auckland with my mum and my big brother.
My Dad went to New York.
My uncle Jordan came to stay at my house for three nights.