Monday, 23 June 2014

Cross country.

RSS cross country

On thursday morning the RSS seniors walk’d down to Skogland park for cross country.

 First that we did was to sit down on the mat. We were waiting for a hour because Vanessa had a big talk.

 Seacend was lined up on the deak and walk on the conckret in a line and sat down.all of the RSS seniors had to wait for their teachers to say or right stand up. And suddenlly Vanessa said “stand up room 6, ”So  we started to walk to Skogland park. I think it was a tow hour walk. When we were walking their was a lot of traffic. people where honking at the car and the buses.

When we got there we sat down on the grass and ate some food sudnlley Vanessa said ‘‘don’t eat to much or you will get a stumakayk." 

  then a sore my mum and gave her a big hage. I walked with my mum and HannahG walked with her dad. It was a long walk. Then a sore stairs and thourght to myself ‘it will be so heard to go up their.’

Just then my mum said to me ‘Do you want some banana crisps’ and I said  ‘’yes please.’’
then we had to walk up the stairs. I was all ready tried and I haven’t even started raning.

When we had finished walking we had to wait on the grass for our race then Ebony said ‘‘year 6 girls go to troy.’’ so they went to troy and do their exercisees with troy. then year 5s, then year 4s.

suddenlly Ebony said Year 3s go to troy. So we zoomed to troy We done some streaches and zoomed to the starting line then Ebony said READDY STEADY GO I sprinted pasted HannahG and then she pasted me then Abby pasted me tow.