Sunday, 9 August 2015

Wearable art test

what did I do?  Room 6 & 7 did some stuff for a wearable art production that's coming up.
Why did I do it? I did it because I was trying some colours out for my piece of art that Im going to be creating for the wearable art production.
What did I learn? I learnt that in art you don't just have to use a paint brush you can use your fingers or your hands
What should I do next? I think I should gather some ideas up so when it's time for us to make our wearable art like mixing colours together 

This is my favourite peace of art

Monday, 3 August 2015

Day In a Life, The Ladybugs story

The ladybug story ( day of a life )
 What my message is trying to say is be gentle with ladybugs because they can die from shock! 

 I think I did interesting sentence's in my story. what do you think?

Entertain My writing goal is to use interesting sentence's.

Hello I’m Anna the red ladybug, in a garden by myself. It’s not fair being by myself all alone in a wonderful garden you would want to have someone to play with, but I don’t have anyone to play with it’s so not fair.
Wait a second my garden owner left. When she got home she was holding a Rabbit in a cat cage, “oh no it’s a Rabbit’ I screamed. ‘few they didn’t hear me’. One day the garden owner put the rabbit outside in the garden. I am scared out of my wits. I heard the owner call the Rabbit “Holly” called the mean lady, the Rabbit ran through the doggy door and ate her food. I said to myself “So her name is Holly  what A lovely name to have” I said.
One day the garden owner put the Rabbit on my side of the garden. Now I was even more scared out of my wits. I went silence as a pen drop… Holly the rabbit came closer and closer and closer until, she smelt something, her nose tingled I hide as fast as I could go. Holly skipped away like a kid skipping as fast as she could.

I got out of my hiding spot, slopped down the fence and zoomed down on to the grass, as slowly as I could. I went to the other side of the garden. Then suddenly behind me I saw, I saw alright the big old wrikily lady.Beside her was HOLLY THE RABBIT now I was in trubble Holly saw me. I flew up into the air so fast I was like Lightning in the sky.

I flew so fast that you couldn’t even see me. Then when I wasn't looking I got stuck, I zoomed into a tree. I’m so dumb I thought to myself as I got stuck. I wriggled, I tugged I couldn't get unstuck. I tried again and again I just couldn't get unstuck. It was unbelievable, I've  got stuck plenty times in the past and always got unstuck. "One more time" I whispered to myself. So I tugged and wriggled and out I popped like a soda can. Now I have to suck it up" I thought, I went to investigate so I flew as slowly as I could up to Holly the rabbit. I was scared at first but when Holly turned around she actually was nice, kind not thought she would be like.

she spoke to me like no one else has before. Its incredible to see her speak to me. I felt like a real ladybug princess in her Royal castle. but i’m not a princess in a royal I said hi back to her nicly not meanly nicly because I haven’t meet her before. she ate her food so Royly like. from that day on me Anna the ladybug and Holly the Rabbit where freinds for ever.