Thursday, 10 December 2015

Game Writing

Mysterious monster.

“Hi I’m the Mysterious monster as you know I play for a arcade game.
The aim of the game is that the monster ( me) needs to chase the eagle and try to eat it.
It's pretty hard to catch an eagle because if you did not know eagles can fly, and this one that I chase Cleary can.

My first day being on an arcade game.

Suddenly I'm on the game and I wait in my cave until children come to play the game.
Then a kid came other and donated a coin into the slot. It took control of the remote.
I came running and roaring out of my cave as the eagle started running away.
I keep on running until I catch the eagle, the kid must be really enjoying the game even though he's not winning.

The eagle fly’s  up ahead and lands on one of the branches in a high tree.
So obviously the kids makes me climb up the tree. I have a plan that deforms in my head. I try to do it but the kids spoils it. He drives me up tree using my arm to crab on to each branch like a monkey. I climb up to the highest branch where the eagle is, I reach out at the eagle and crab its foot without the eagle knowing.

Suddenly it looks down and starts screaming like some kind of crazy person.
The eagle try's pecking at my hairy hand but that doesn't stop me.
And that doesn't stop the bird either, it fly’s off the branch and starts flying towards the cliff. I hold on with to hands other wise if I didn't I would fall to my sudden death.

The bird is know just flying other the cliff and starts shaking with rage to get me off his foot. I hold on with one hand and know it's starting to slip off. I let go not liking my chances at surviving. I fall down the cliff and….

To be continued……..

Know I'm lining down on the ground and trying to get up I use my monster hands to try and push the rocks off me so I can get up but it's no use.
This has not happened happened to me before so it's about time that something happens to the eagle that hasn’t happened before.

That's right you quested it I'm going to eat it. Finally I look around and see the eagle next to me. I try to look like I'm dead but then I'm going to quickly turn around and eat the eagle.

The kid turned me around and crabed the eagle by its foot and then I ate it all up feather by feather.

Delicious I cried.

The end
Thank you for reading my game writing.

Video Game Reveiw

This is my game Review Hope you Enjoy

  Nic told the class to make a game on Scratch Jr, Game press or Game froot.  We could use a I-pad or a Computer.  I chose Scratch Jr, I chose Scratch Jr Because It was the most Challenging one there for me, Cause I didn't know what to do. I got an I-pad and went straight on to Scratch Jr. I did half of my game it was about you had to dodge the falling ceiling and get the Safety kit and get out of the building Safely. Up top is the slide that my class made. The next day I went to go on my game It wasn't there...  I tried everything but nothing worked. and from then on I just tried and tried again.

My Inquiry

                                         My Inquiry journey

When It was time to pick our Inquiry we had to go round to all the different inquiry's. My favourite was Troy and I knew That was going to be my first pick. When me and my Friends finished looking at the different inquiry's I knew my three pick straight away. There where Troy (Graduation), Rosie (maori Art), Suzane 
(Cans Arcade). I really liked Troys Inquiry and thats why he's my first pick.  
Reflection: I think I done good in picking my first second and third pick. 
What I could of done better I think I could of picked better Inquiry's. 

Mine and Hannah's Maths

Minecraft Slide (mine and Abby's)