Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Athletics Writing

Writing for Athletics

Probably know what you're thinking do feet really have minds of their own? Oh and yes, yes we do. It’s not nice being a pair of sweating smelly feet. Samantha arrived at school and just remembered that IT WAS ATHLETICS DAY AHHHHHHHH.

I’m not the best But we’ll try our best. We put our bags out side so they are all ready to go on the bus. five minutes later the buses arrived. “I finally get to rest before Athletics” Samantha felt scared when we were in the bus because she felt the bus was going to tip over Anyway let me tell you what foot I am. I am the right foot and I call myself miss chocolate, I think you probably think that's I stupid name or you think you’re made out of chocolate but no I think it's a good name for myself.

Anyway Samantha's bus arrived at massy track. Samantha grabbed her bag and got out of the bus. Oh ya I did say thank you to the bus driver. Samantha asked Hannah  if she said thank you to the bus driver and she said no, so Samantha shouted to the bus driver and said “ thank you from Halle.” So we walked down to where we were actually doing Athletics, when we got there we sat down in our house groups.

When we were all in our house groups we all lined up in our year groups, we were all told to go to a station that we were told to go to by the teacher. we lined up at long jump. And we lined up in a order that Marj told us to get in. When it was my turn We ran, We leaped and Landed next up was sprints, We listened to David After we Listened We lined up And David said “ READY SET GOOOO” We sprinted “we don’t stop until we are there” Sam shouted. I crossed the finish line. I did it I did it!! Next up was high jump “I’m so bad at highjump” Sam said to herself, but We had to do it. So I got in line, I waited for my turn. It was my turn now So I Ran And jumped “I did it” I did it, and on my 2nd turn I tried to jump but I hit the pole. Next up was… hurdles, There was a mixture of hurdles there were highone and low ones I went on the high ones And I got 6th then it Was brunch time, next was Shotput So the Year four Girls lined up once again and we through as far as we could I got far but not as far as I was expecting it to go. It Lunch time anyway so We ate our lunch. Now it was discus So we watched Sandy do a Demonstration so When Sandy finished we got in line for the last time It was my turn I through it and now it’s time for Javelin. We headed to Rebecca She did an Demonstration, she pick six people to go first and ya they did it. next up was my turn I got into position and through it. Yay it’s time to go so we packed up and we headed to the buses. But instead I went straight home with my mum.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Athletics Reflection

I'm really proud of my house kiwi because we worked together. Everyone helped each other and they cheered us on.

next time... we needed more time to warm up at the sprints and high jump. I think I did well on Herdles because I came fourth 

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Fear Story

I hope you enjoy 

Have you nearly died in your life? If not, this story is about me nearly drowning. Hope you enjoy.
One sunny afternoon I asked my mum if we could go for a swim at the ledo. After ten minutes we arrived at the ledo. Once we got there my friend Sophia arrived.

After we had a swim I asked myself if I wanted to go on the basketball hoop dump. I told myself ya let's give it a try. As I stepped into the line I thought to myself let's just go for another swim.

 So I went for another swim but I went for a swim outside. There was a very deep part in the pool but me and Sophia could touch the ground. Sophia asked me if I wanted to go on the basketball dump I said “It looks a bit scary so you can go on it but i’m going to wait a bit more”. She didn’t want to go on it without me. So we zoomed back outside and got a HUGE bucket of water tipped on us I got a little cut on my foot but it didn't hurt or anything.

After ten minutes I started to steer at the big kids they handle it easy. “ but I can't always say no to Sophia” I told myself, “ I'll do it” I said to myself. I asked Sophia if she was ready yet, she said “ yes i’m ready.

So I got in line waited for my turn... Nervous but excited, at the same time I had butterflies in my tummy. After five minutes it was my turn so I jumped, I throw the ball into the hoop, and into the water I went with a big splash. I couldn’t get my head over the water. I saw bubbles coming out of my mouth as I try to yell HELP, I heard my mum screaming “help help my daughter” Sophia didn't realise that it was me drowning until my mum screamed help help my daughter. I tried to say Help but all that came out is bubbles just bubbles,I try not to think that I'm going to die. As I heard the water splashing I also saw a big boy teenager walking towards me, it's fuzzy but I can see. As I start to sink to the bottom of the pool I take one last glimpse of the possibly last place I'll be in for my short life.

 I suddenly felt a hand taking my hand but I'm stuck on something I try to wriggle my way off the thing I'm stuck on. I wriggled unstuck I finally got my head over the water. I’M ALIVE I’M ALIVE I shouted. I jumped out of the water. I hugged my mum and told her " I'm never going swimming again"