Monday, 30 May 2016

Maths ruler

W.A.L.T how to Make a ruler 

Description this is how you make a ruler and it is my own design.

Buddy mark good job sam

I give myself a green target 

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Maths 2016

W.A.L.T: number lines divided into fractional parts, fraction tiles
Description:This is my maths and We got this book and had to do three pages and here is one.

Evaluation: I think I did great!

Feedback: you did great
Feedforward: none.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Question starter stems.

W.A.L.T: find more about space
(1): Why does... Saturn have rings around it?

 (2): Does changing... The moon make a difference to earth?

 (3): How could you make... A planet?

 (4): What happens when...    The sun explodes?

(5): If we changed... The way we get to the moon how could it be different?

(6): How many ways... Can you get to space?

Description: We got told to use these sentence starters to help us with our sentences.

Evaluation: I think I did great.

Feedback: I like your questions
feedforward: none.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Science about the moon earth and sun

Description: This is kate's and my video of science we had to make a video of the moon earth and sun.

Evaluation: I think me and kate did a great job at this.

Feedback: You did great

Feedforward:I have none for you


This is the Assessment that Grace and I filled out.

The garden by the moon retall wrting.

W.A.L.T: retall story 
Up in the most prettiest heavans, near the moon. There was a garden it was very empty and silent. The gods had a very good idea to fill the garden wth the most beautiful things. So the godsplanted such beautiful pearls into the ground, some grew into the most prettiest flowers,waterfalls. But one pearl was different , it didn't turn into a flowe or a waterfall, it turned into a... dragon. The gods thought it was the most beautiful garden they have ever seen before.After they filled the garden one of the gods said " lets send some spirits into the garden to look after it." The other gods nodded thier heads and sad yes lets do it. One of these garden spirits was called Wu-kang, and it was his job to look after the most fiery dragon. but Wu-kang was the lazy one of the spirits. He drank wine all day and became lazyer and sometimes the dragon was smart and ran off to play by the sea, then Wu-kang would have to go fetch the dragon, and takes it home before the sunset. One day when Wu-kang was walking back from the sea with the fiery dragon, he saw the other sprits playing chess and the wine he loves. " oh I love chess and when I say love I mean love" said Wu-kang so he             walked over to the spirits and asked if he could play. The mean spirits weren't so sure though. One sprit asked " what will you give us if you lose?" " um... you can have my fiery dragon" said Wu-kang. The spirits looked at the beautiful dragon, it was breathing fire from its nose and it was covered in gold and the most beautiful jewels. " All right," said one of the spirits. "you can play." They played untl the evening under the bright moon. Wu-kang drank lots of wine while he played. He was terrible at chess, and in the end he ended up loseing the game. " Give us the dragon" said the other spirits. So Wu-kang had to give them the fiery dragon. In the heavens, the gods were furious at Wu-kang for losing the dragon. The planted a pearl, and it grew into a spice tree. Then they gave Wu-kang an axe, " Wu-kang you have to cut the branches off the spice tree,if you cut them all off before they grow back then we will forgive you." Wu-kang laughed, "how easy" Wu-kang thought. He swang his axe and cut off a branch but before he cut another one off an even bigger and stronger one grew back. Thats whats they said the story of the paterns on the moon. Whats yours?

Description: We got to read a book about how the chines people tell the shapes on the moon.

Evaluation: I think I did great.

Feedback you did great

feedforward none for you